Inspiration through storytelling...

Yesterday I attended an event that was focused on the idea and efforts of making a social change through storytelling. I attended, one, because of my interest in the topic, and two because I believed that my Anita Claire Project fell into that category. Once I arrived and saw that the various stories were about making a positive change on the environment, on different communities, and other specific social injustices, I started to think about how my project, which honors and explores the unique bond between mothers and daughters, could be considered having a social impact in the same way? After thinking about it and talking to one of my new friends at the event, I realized that yes, my project delivers its own unique social impact. Not only does it pack a punch in the name that is in the title of the project - The Anita Claire Project - my mother was a strong advocate for social change and worked in the field of social issues for many years, the simple fact that mothers and daughters share a bond and talking about it helps them, inspires others and helps to celebrate, ameliorate and heal the relationships we have with the special mother figures in our lives. 

These thoughts took me back to when I was interviewed (virtually) by a blogger who asked me to answer several questions on camera. She wanted me to explain the why behind the project, among other things. It was an emotionally difficult interview to get through, but I knew it was important to talk about. You can view the video below:


Video Post | ANNOUNCEMENT | A Claire View : In My Own Words

I am very excited to announce the Anita Claire Project video series called A Claire View : In My Own Words. In summary, it is a chance for viewers to take a peek into what the experience was like on each photo/video session with the mothers and daughters featured in my passion project. 

I explain more, in my own words, here:

A behind the scenes look, by way of storytelling, at the photoshoots and video interviews featured in The Anita Claire Project.